Traditional & Alternative Investments

Cayman Group serves a range of companies across financial services - asset managers, wealth management firms, hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity firms as well as endowments, foundations, family offices and corporate and public pension funds.  We are well positioned to help build teams that produce above average performance and teams that accurately reflect a company's core values.  We place every role at every level that makes an investment firm run successfully.

Sector Coverage

Hedge Funds
Fund of Hedge Fund
Private Equity
Fund Placement
Third Party Marketing
Venture Capital
Growth Capital
Infrastructure Finance
Asset Management
Family Offices
Wealth Management
Industry Service Providers




Chief Investment Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Finance Officers
Chief Compliance Officers
Chief Legal Counsels
Chief Risk Officers
Distribution & Sales (Institutional, Retail, High Net Worth)
Sales & Client Service
Marketing & Communications
Accounting & Finance
Risk Management
Investment Professional's
Portfolio Managers