A New Approach To Pricing  

Cayman Group has evolved into a hybrid Executive Search and Recruitment company, combining the best parts of in-house and agency recruiting.  We understand that no two companies are the same, and every talent challenge is different. Whatever your specific talent needs, Cayman Group will customize a plan to ensure we find exceptional individuals to solve your hiring needs. 

Capped Fees  

Capping our fees allows our clients to very easily budget for their recruitment spend each year as they know regardless of how many hires they make within a 12 month period, their costs will never exceed an agreed figure.  Anything under the agreed figure, then we charge a percentage of the placed candidate(s) first years 'base' salary to ensure our client's costs are kept down.  We also offer a unique 'subscription' based service. Contact us to learn more about our unique pricing structure.


We're fully committed to protecting our client's recruitment investment by offering very competitive replacement terms.  Rarely have we had to replace a candidate we've placed but exceptional candidate's are often targeted and presented with some great opportunities by executive search and recruitment companies as well as hiring firms directly.


Everything we do is geared around developing long term partnerships.  We partner with our clients to develop comprehensive recruiting strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and search requirements.  We work with our clients very closely, as an extension of their own company so that we can learn everything we need to know to ensure that we're able to attract and retain exceptional candidates both quickly and effectively. 

To ensure the highest levels of service to each of our valued clients, we are selective about the firms we work with and the searches we chose to take on.  Our commitment to quality and integrity extends to our candidates, we strive to always be responsive and attentive to candidates and their needs.